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a lush green lawn and beautiful flower beds

One of the good things about fall is we get to start planning our lawns and landscapes for next year. Some of us may...

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sharp blades leave clean cut

At Toro, we understand the importance of making sure your lawn mower is in tip-top shape in preparation for the upcoming mowing season. One...

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Spring through fall lawn diseases

Fairy Rings Caused by more than 50 varieties of fungus, the rings vary in size and appearance but all form in damp conditions in...

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Burn calories by stacking or chopping wood

Don’t dread those outside chores, think of them as an exercise program with a bonus—a great looking yard! Give your legs, hips, back, shoulders...

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lawn mower key marriage proposal

Mark Buss from Marshall, Minnesota, knew his fiancé Chris was the one. The only question was how to ask her. “Chris is a practical...

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keep the under deck clean on your lawn mower

Is your lawn mower ready for spring? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your lawn mower is in top mowing condition. Follow these...