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irrigation contractor installing sprinkler system

Ways To Save Water At Home

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The Toro Company is initiating case studies involving commercial and residential irrigation applications. This is the first residential case study in the series.  Resident Profile  The Schenck family has lived in their Yucaipa, California, home since 2007. Nicole Schenck, owner of a firm that stages large events, such as a water conference attracting irrigation experts from around the state, is a water aficionado who pays close attention to her monthly…


“29 year old Toro has been the best thing ever!!”

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Ed from West Chester, PA shares his “My Toro Story” We bought this Toro snowblower in 1987.  It is hard to believe but after 29 seasons and regular routine maintenance, it is still a work horse!  Very dependable and still does a great job! Thought you should know that this blower still exists and functions, since you don’t make this model anymore! Thanks for making a great product!   As…


Toro Super Recycler Gets a Big Thumbs Up

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Kent Saunders Kansas City, MO I bought my 21″ Toro Super Recycler mower in May of 1994. It still starts on the first pull and I have never had to replace or fix anything on it. On average, I use it twice a week, in addition to mowing my mother-in-law’s yard. I hope when I need to replace it that I can find another one like it.


Toro Performs for 23 Years

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Ben Phillips Jacksonville, FL I have had this lawnmower for 23 years, and use it every week in Jacksonville, Florida and it runs great! My favorite feature of this lawnmower is the quality. If, and when, it no longer is able to cut, I will for sure buy a new Toro, that’s for sure!


Fieldstone Golf Course Sends Toro Thanks

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Jared Pace Leonard, MI I am a mechanic at Fieldstone Golf Course in Auburn Hills Michigan and we have multiple pieces of Toro equipment. This includes the Greensmaster 1000, Greensmaster 3100, Workman 3100 utility vehicle, Reelmaster 5200-D, Reelmaster 5210, Reelmaster 5410, Groundsmaster 3500-D, Groundsmaster 4000-D, Groundsmaster 4700-D, Pro Sweep 5200, and a ProCore 648. I highly appreciate and recommend Toro products. They operate very well and are quite easy to…


1968 Toro Whirlwind Lasts 47 Seasons and Counting

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Howard Mason Little Silver, NJ In 1968 I bought a Toro Whirlwind 21-inch rotary mower for my half-acre lawn. Except for replacing the Spin Start with a pull start several years later, this mower has mowed my lawn for 47 seasons with only routine maintenance. The cast aluminum deck is as good as new. Thank you for such a reliable product.


Five Years of Toro Bliss

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John Bushey Fair Haven, VT I’ve owned a Toro lawnmower now for five years. It’s a self-propelled front wheel drive with a detachable leaf / grass bag. To this day, there is no priming or choking the mower – pull the handle only once and it will start. I’ve NEVER had a mower in my 56 years of living where this has happened. It’s nice not having to fight with…


Toro “Beast” Outlasts the Others

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Ernie Cashwell Topping, VA 52 years old and still going…with a bit of TLC. This machine has had a bit of rest, while two new mowers were bought, used and failed. So back to the reliable old Toro. Our son is the same age as the Toro. He said after all of the miles he pushed that mower, he can’t believe it still runs. He named it “The Beast.” Thanks,…


Toro: A Golfer’s Delight

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Joe Gladke Shoreview, MN How old is my mower? That is a good question. It certainly appears to be older than the one shown in your 1923 photo. Since I don’t have a golf green, I currently don’t use my golf greens mower. Although, if I ever get the urge to have my own putting green, the mower still works great! I think this speaks to the quality of products…


Equipment You Can Count On.

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Chris Macy Lafayette, IN Where do I begin? As a kid, I would go to my grandpa’s farm to watch my dad on weekends mow the lawn. Rarely would he buy anything new, but his Toro Wheel Horses would be the exception. If it wasn’t a Toro Wheel Horse, he would say, “You might as well leave it in the barn.” The first garden tractor he owned was a 14hp…