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Understanding Blower Power

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When shopping for a new blower, many consumers look at the “miles per hour” rating to assess the power of a blower. However, it is possible for a 230 MPH blower to have more power than a 240 MPH blower. Here is why: MPH alone is not a good measure of power A blower nozzle opening the size of a straw could blow air at 300 mph—it is good for…

Setting the Right Mowing Height

Setting the Right Mowing Height

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There are several reasons not to cut your grass too short. Grass grows from the crown, not the blade tips, a trait that makes grass ideal for lawns.  Grass keeps growing despite regularly cutting off the upper stem, leaf sheath, and blades. Keeping grass longer allows it greater surface area to carry out photosynthesis,  which in turn results in healthier plants.  In addition, taller grass grows slower than shorter grass. …

Choosing the Right Mower

Rules for Smart Mowing

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Cut no more than one-third the height of the grass in any single mowing.  By setting cutting heights correctly, you can greatly reduce weed growth and mowing frequency. Mow only when the grass is dry. Mow with a sharp blade.  Re-sharpen after every 10 hours of mowing.  Bring the blade to a professional sharpening service once a year.  Replace the blade as necessary. Change mowing patterns frequently to prevent soil…

Thatching rake

Prevent Thatch Buildup

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The best way to control thatch is to avoid a buildup.  Here are some maintenance practices that will help: At regular intervals, cut grass to the recommended height for your turf.  This will help avoid depositing too many clippings on the lawn at one time. Fertilize only in the fall to reduce excessive growth.  Promote microbial life by maintaining a proper soil pH. Aerate your lawn once a year.  If…

Toro recycler deck under

Spring Equipment Preparation

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After your equipment has been stored all winter, you should take your machine(s) to a local dealer for any needed maintenance or repairs before using it during the upcoming season.  If you like to perform your own maintenance or product repair, check out your equipment and order the parts you need. Walk Power Mowers Carefully check blades for sharpness. Make sure the cutting deck is clear of clippings. Check pull…

Mower timesavers

Mower Timesavers

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It is easier to adjust the cutting blade height if you get the weight off the wheels by supporting one side of the mower at a time on a wood block. Cooking spray on the underside of the deck will make your new mower’s deck easier to clean. If you use your mower infrequently, or are storing away for the off-season, then fill the tank with fuel treated with a…

Bag on demand

Changing Cutting Modes Should Be Easy

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It should be easy to change cutting modes.  In the example shown above, you just lift the cover to install discharge chute. Most rear bags are relatively easy to remove and replace.  For example in some mowers you just lift the door and lift the bag from off (or on) the highly visible support. To switch from bagging to mulching, a mulch plug must fill the opening.  Look for a plug connected…