Basic Distinctions

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Grass is grass is grass… or is it?

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Variations in Texture

A key characteristic of grass is its texture.  Determined by the width of individual grass blades, textures range from fine to coarse. Both Fine fescues and bluegrasses have narrow blades described as providing a carpet-like lawn.  A coarse grass has wider blades but does not necessarily wear better.  Tall Fescues in the North, and St. Augustine, Bahiagrass, and Centipedegrass in the South, are coarse.  Just to keep things interesting, blade texture can vary by cultivar within the same species.  Zoysia is a prime example:  Emerald is fine-textured, Meyer is medium, and Sunrise is coarse.

Bentgrass, a fine leaved species, makes up the velvet-like greens on golf courses.  Unless you want a putting green, do not try to replicate this look.  The high level of care bentgrass requires makes it unsuitable for most home lawns.