Six Steps to Planting a New Lawn

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Planting a new lawn is a big job, you may want to tackle this in sections.  You can begin by redoing the worst or most visible lawn areas; then make plans to tackle other areas the following year.  Starting with smaller sections instead of the entire lawn keeps the job manageable and makes the critical step of watering feasible for homeowners who do not have in-ground sprinkler systems.  However, whether you plant a new lawn in stages or all at once, you will need to take the following steps:

Step 1:  Remove Old Turf

The first step is to kill and remove poor-quality turf.  There are several ways to do this.  Read more…

Step 2:  Fix Grade Problems

Before adding amendments to the soil, fix any existing grade problems. Although grading often requires help from a landscaping contractor with heavy equipment, you can fix minor problems yourself.  Read more…

Step 3:  Amend the Soil

This is your best opportunity to add amendments such as fertilizer, organic matter, and lime or sulfur.  Read more…

Step 4:  Rake Smooth and Firm

Rake the area for replanting until it is smooth, and remove any stones and vegetative
matter brought to the surface during tilling.  Read more…

Step 5:  Plant Your New Lawn

Plugs, seeds, sprigs, or sod—it is time to start planting.  Read more…

Step 6:  Caring for Your New Lawn

You have now put a lot of work into creating a new lawn so do not forget the most important step.  Read more…

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