Mechanical Bug Removal

Mechanical Bug Removal

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When pests are visible and large enough, removing them via the “pick and squash” method is an option for the non-squeamish.  Try the following on insects you cannot see.

For Chinch Bugs

Prepare a soap drench with 2-tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and 2-gallons of water in a watering can.  Thoroughly water an off-color patch of lawn, and then cover it with a flannel sheet.  Wait 15 minutes; then scrape clinging bugs off the sheet and into a garbage bag.

For Sod Webworms

Drench the target areas with a soap solution, and watch for the worms to climb up from the thatch layer.  Rake them up and dispose of them in the garbage or in water.  When mechanical controls are not feasible, consider using the biological controls, botanical (plant-derived) insecticides, or insecticidal soaps.