Garden & Lawn Tractors

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Garden and Lawn Tractors
Toro Tractor Twin Bagger

Perhaps the most popular accessory for a lawn tractor is a grass catcher (bagger). Be sure it is easy-to-use, lightweight, and easy to install (or remove).

Garden tractors cost $3,000 to $12,000,without any attachments.  Tractors have big OHV (overhead valve) engines, 20 horsepower and up.  Mowing decks are up to 54 inches wide and have two or three blades.  Top-of-the-line units feature power steering, automatic transmission, cruise control, and four-wheel drive.  A tractor can attain speeds of 9 mph, and collection bags can hold up to 17 bushels.  In addition to mowing, garden tractors can also be used for lifting, tilling, aerating, spreading, hauling, and snow plowing.  With 28 to 55 inch turning radii, the biggest drawback to garden tractors is maneuverability.  See Zero-Turn-Radius Mowers.

Next in the power parade are lawn tractors.  Powered by engines with less than 20 horsepower, their mowing speeds are slower and deck sizes are smaller (38 to 50 inches). The turning radius for these machines can be as little as 14 inches. Primarily made for mowing, these machines with PTO (power takeoff) can also run snow throwers, and push or pull non-powered attachments such as dethatchers and carts.  Prices for lawn tractors range from $1500 to $5000.