Safe Pesticide Use

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  • Thumbs Up TipUse the least toxic, most target-specific chemical.
  • Purchase the smallest amount needed to do the job.
  • Do not mix more spray than you need—and stick to target areas only.
  • Read the label carefully, and follow all recommendations precisely.
  • Wear protective clothing and gear as directed.
  • Wear gloves when using a sprayer, and wash well afterward.
  • Launder pesticide-contaminated clothing separately.
  • Keep leftover pesticides away from children
  • Keep leftover chemicals in their original containers.
  • Contact the National Pesticide Information Center for more information.

Thumbs Down TipIf rain is in the forecast, or if it is windy, do not use pesticides.

Safe pesticide use - glovesThumbs Up TipHeavy-duty latex gloves extending to the forearm and fit snugly around the wrist offer the best protection when applying herbicides and pesticides.