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Increasing Organic Matter and Microbes in Your Soil

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Applying fertilizer will not help if your soil does not contain an adequate population of microbes; you need billions of these microscopic organisms per handful of soil.  Your soil must contain 2- to 5-percent organic material to have a thriving microbe population.  Microbes not only digest grass clippings, dead grass roots, and old stems, they make nutrients available to living grass plants.  A top-dressing of compost mixed with topsoil followed…

Thatching rake

Prevent Thatch Buildup

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The best way to control thatch is to avoid a buildup.  Here are some maintenance practices that will help: At regular intervals, cut grass to the recommended height for your turf.  This will help avoid depositing too many clippings on the lawn at one time. Fertilize only in the fall to reduce excessive growth.  Promote microbial life by maintaining a proper soil pH. Aerate your lawn once a year.  If…