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Lawn issues might be a dog rather than disease

Is It Really Lawn Disease?

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The best time to assess your turf’s state of health is before mowing. As you pick up fallen twigs or remove other items from the lawn, you should take a careful look at any areas that appear wilted, off-color or stand out from their surroundings. If you do note changes, it might not be disease. For instance, brownout of a cool-season grass during high summer is likely just summer dormancy, which…

Identifying Lawn Diseases

Plant Disease Cycle

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Photo Credit: University of Missouri Fortunately, it takes more than the presence of pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) to bring on infection in lawns.  You also need a host—grass susceptible to a particular pathogen—and environmental conditions that foster disease.  Conditions favoring pathogens vary but generally include warm weather and extended periods of moisture from rain, humidity, irrigation, or poor drainage.  Other conditions, such as drought and high heat, reduce the ability of…