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How To Select The Right Blower For You

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  Gas, corded electric or battery powered? Determine which power source will best meet the needs of your yard size. If your main clean-up area is close enough to an outlet and you want the power of a gas unit, then a corded electric blower may be your answer. If you are typically cleaning sidewalks, decks and using the blower daily, you may want the convenience of a battery powered  unit (checkout…

Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower

Self-Propelled versus Push—What is the Difference?

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Walk-behind rotary mowers come in two basic types: self-propelled and push.  Over recent years there have been many innovations for the push mower.  For example, some manufacturers now offer ground speed controls that allow you to mow at the pace you desire. Self-Propelled Mowers Both electric corded and cordless units are suitable for small to average-size lawns (2,500 square feet or less), but  corded units are limited by the nearest…