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Mulch or Bag?

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Which is better for your lawn — mulching or bagging? Toro’s agronomist, Dr. Van Cline, reveals the answer and dispels some myths about this often-asked question.

Methods of Removing Turf

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When planting a new lawn, the first step is to kill and remove any poor-quality turf. This process can be accomplished through several methods including solarization, heavy mulches, hoes or sod cutters, and herbicides. When selecting your method, keep your lawn and climate conditions in mind, as some methods may be a better fit for your lawn than others. Solarization: Cut the old lawn as close to grade as possible before you begin….

Protect with straw

Protect a New Lawn With Straw

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Using Straw If the weather in your area is dry or warm, you may consider protecting your new lawn with straw. Spreading a layer of straw mulch over seeded areas will slow evaporation, provide some shade, and disperse raindrops that might otherwise dislodge young seedlings. When selecting the straw for the job, choose a clean mulching straw that is free of seed, such as wheat straw. Evenly apply about 50…