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How much pesticide do we use?

Eight Steps to Restoring a Lawn

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It takes work, but it is not impossible to give your lawn a facelift. Follow these steps to help wake up a tired lawn: Step 1: Remove thatch and weed buildup. The best time to dethatch is in the spring or fall when your lawn is thriving.  Click here for complete details. Step 2: Fill depressions and level bumps. As you dethatch your lawn (Step 1) make note of bumps and depressions and…

Planting Your Lawn

Overseeding Southern Lawns for Winter Color

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Warm-season grasses have a major drawback for homeowners—their color disappears when winter arrives.  To have green grass in winter, some southerners overseed their lawns using cool-season grasses such as Fine fescue, bluegrass, or ryegrass.  These annual cool-season grasses find a hospitable habitat among the dormant southern grasses and then die off with the return of warm weather in the spring.  Aside from improved aesthetics, overseeding also helps prevent the establishment…