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Rake Smooth and Firm

Step 4: Rake Smooth and Firm

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Remove stones and vegetative matter brought to the surface during tilling. Rake the area until it is smooth. Water the ground and check it for puddles. Allow the soil to dry; once dry enough, move soil from high spots to fill the depressions. Roll the prepared soil to provide a firmer base and to foster adequate soil structure.  Fill a lawn roller about one-third with water, and roll until your footprints…

Planting Your Lawn

Step 7. Prepare the Surface and Overseed It

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Before you begin, choose the seed that is best for your geographical area and buy the amount you need to cover the size of your lawn. You have several tool options for spreading seed evenly and at the recommended rates. They include your own hands, hand-held and walk-behind spreaders, and slit-seeders (power seeders), which are power machines that cut shallow slits in the soil and sow seed at the same time….