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Spring through fall lawn diseases

Spring-Through-Fall Lawn Diseases

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Fairy Rings Caused by more than 50 varieties of fungus, the rings vary in size and appearance but all form in damp conditions in soil that is high in woody organic matter, which is usually from buried debris or tree stumps. Look for: Rings of fast-growing, dark-green grass with centers composed of weeds, thin turf, or dead grass. Midsummer and fall rings are more apt to be composed of dead grass….

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Spring Equipment Preparation

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After your equipment has been stored all winter, you should take your machine(s) to a local dealer for any needed maintenance or repairs before using it during the upcoming season.  If you like to perform your own maintenance or product repair, check out your equipment and order the parts you need. Walk Power Mowers Carefully check blades for sharpness. Make sure the cutting deck is clear of clippings. Check pull…