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Identifying Clues

Identifying Weed Species

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To control weeds, you first need to identify the various types of weeds growing in your turf.  Weeds are either narrow-leaved and grass-like, or broad-leaved.  You also need to know the life cycles of these weeds so you can effectively time your control measures. Annual weeds are the most common, living for one growing season and reproducing only from seed. Annuals are controlled by disrupting their growth any time before…

What to Wear For Pest & Weed Control

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Whether you’re using insecticides and herbicides derived from botanical, biological, or synthetic materials, take all basic precautions, including the use of goggles, disposable dust masks (for pesticide dusts), and tight-fitting respirators when using liquid sprays.  Use National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved respirators containing activated charcoal cartridges that filter pesticide vapors from the air. Read all product labels thoroughly, and apply the products with great care.  Completely…