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May 2011

Container Gardening

Container Gardening- Get Creative

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Good drainage is the most important element. Make sure your container has at least one drainage hole and add a layer of small rocks to the bottom to prevent the hole from becoming blocked. Not many plants like to sit in soggy soil any more than you would! Other elements to insure success include: Soil: A light mixture of good potting soil, peat moss and compost or a pre-packaged potting…

What's the Deal With Lawn Striping

What’s the Deal With Lawn Striping?

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At the same time you mow, you can create everything from simple, professional stripes to an eye-catching piece of art. Lawn striping, lawnscapes, yard art, whatever you call it, it’s beautiful.  Sports venues have been adding stripes, waves and checkerboards to their fields for years.  Now homeowners can add a professional look to their yards, too!   You might think it takes hours of work, but you can create simple…