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Safe Mowing

Mowing Safety Tips

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For safe mowing, follow these tips! Before You Mow Read and understand your operator’s manual before operating the mower. For gasoline units, add fuel to the tank outdoors before starting the machine. Do not add gasoline to a running or hot engine and never leave the machine running in an enclosed area. As with other power tools and equipment, do not operate a lawn mower when consuming alcohol. Wear appropriate…

Zero Turn Mower Safety

Zero Turn Mower Safety Tips

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Like all lawn mowers, zero turn mowers require care to prevent accidents when mowing around water, drop-offs, steep inclines, and wet conditions.  Prepare for the mowing season by remembering these helpful safety tips: Before Mowing Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. The manual provides important maintenance and safety information. Make certain safety devices are working properly, and never bypass or remove any safety equipment. While Mowing Do not operate…

Product Safety

Toro Product Safety Videos

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Toro cares about the well-being of you and your family and encourages you to learn as much as possible about the safe operation of your Toro product. Snowblowers Toro Power Max Snowblower Operator Safety Training Video – English Toro Snowblower Operator Safety Training Video – English Zero-Turn Mowers Timecutter Z/ZX Operator Safety Training Video – English | Spanish Toro Zero Turn Operator Safety Training Video – English | Spanish Lawn…