Enjoying Toro at Work and at Home

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Evan Grell
Marcus, IA

Growing up I had an uncle that worked doing some accounting and auditing for Toro in the Twin Cities, and he said they were a good company and swore by all of their power tools that he owned. I never gave it much consideration until I got into the turf/golf course industry.
I’m still a “young buck” in the golf industry. While in college and on internships, I didn’t have the opportunity to run much Toro equipment. I took my first head superintendent job 5 years ago and inherited an almost new Greensmaster 3150Q greens mower and a 5-year old Reelmaster 5200D fairway mower. These two mowers were so much nicer to run than similar competitor models I’d run in the past. I loved how quiet the 3150Q was and how easy both models were to work on and adjust. Daily set up was night and day different from what I had worked on before. I liked the 3150Q so much that when it came time to replace our aging competitor tee mower this past year, I bought another 3150Q to replace it.
As money allows I’m gradually converting every piece of equipment in my collection to Toro. I loved using Toro equipment at work so much I convinced my dad to buy a Toro push mower for his personal use. Instantly had another happy customer. Going out on the course and running my Toro equipment is my favorite part of my job, and look forward to buying more Toro equipment for both work and personal use in the future.