Make the Most of Your Outdoor Lighting

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Working with a professional installer can make a big difference.

Once you’ve made the decision to enhance your landscape with outdoor lighting, the product choices and design options may seem overwhelming. Working with a professional outdoor lighting installer can not only make the process easier, but it can also help ensure you’ll love the results!

“Lighting is really an artform,” says Alexis Deasy, senior marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting Systems. “Working with a professional installer can help ensure that your goals are met. From making walkways safer to creating just the right lighting for outdoor dining or entertaining, professionals have the experience you need to bring your creative ideas to life.” Years of experience allow professionals to share techniques that can create a variety of lighting effects for your home. Want to create shadowy patterns in the garden? Moonlighting provides subtle and natural effects that often use LED lamps to add a cool blue hue. When highlighting an architectural feature, up lighting or grazing techniques can be used to call attention to special areas and to create drama. Water features can take on a whole new look at night by using submersible fixtures to add sparkle and intrigue.

Professional installers look at your property with fresh eyes. You may know your way around your outdoor space, but your guests may not. A pro can pick out safety features that can benefit your landscape and your bottom line. They can also select areas of your home that can be interesting focal points, featured areas or even suggest color options to create a specific mood. Best of all, they know which type of fixtures and techniques provide a type of lighting look.

Working with a professional gives you the full picture of options. They have information on many different products and can help you pick the best fixture and type of light source that best fits your needs. Professionals can also offer information on the highest quality fixtures, accessories and controls. Their experience has shown which products are built to last and which are prone to paint chipping, early wear and tear or corrosion. They can show you how to avoid lower quality products, maximizing your investment in your home and outdoor space. Many Unique Lighting System products come with a lifetime warranty, providing a beautiful light-scape and peace of mind.

“Professionals also have in depth knowledge of the lighting components that you don’t see every day,” adds Deasy. “They can help you pick the wiring methods, transformers and controls that are right for your design and compatible with your area of the country.” This can be especially helpful in cold climates or areas with other weather challenges.

Ready to shine a light on your outdoor space? Working with a professional can help you create an environment that exceeds your expectations.