5 Simple Steps to Get Your Snow Blower Ready for Storage

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Good-bye, winter. Summer will be here before you know it! Get your snow blower prepped for off-season storage in 5 simple steps to prevent startup issues next year.

5 Steps to Off-Season Storage

1. Drain the Fuel System

Start the engine and run it dry of fuel. If you haven’t added a fuel treatment during the season, add a little now to prevent residual fuel from forming gummy deposits or fouling the carburetor or spark plugs over hot summer months.

2. Change the Engine Oil

After draining the fuel system, change the oil on your single-stage or two-stage while the machine is still warm. This will allow all fluid and residue to drain more readily.

3. Inspect Cables, Rotor Blades, and Scraper

Ensure all cables, guards, handles, and fasteners are secure and in place. If you find any are missing or broken, replace with Genuine Toro Parts.

4. Protect from Rust –Especially in Humid Summer Months

Check all metal parts for rust. Lightly sand and touch up any spots with Toro Genuine Paint so they don’t expand during the humid summer months. Avoid rust by storing your machine in a dry area, but not in your house or basement. On two-stage snow blowers, you should also grease the wheel shafts.

5. Review the Off-Season Storage Section of Your Owner’s Manual

Take a look through the off-season storage section of your owner’s manual. Use a protective cover to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in and on your snow blower during the summer months.

Simple Spring Chores = Longer Lasting Snow Blower

Protective Single-Stage Cover
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Protect the reliability of your snow blower with parts designed specifically for your Toro model. Genuine Toro parts are made from premium materials and engineered to enhance the safety and performance of your Toro equipment. Plus, every part we ship comes with a one-year full warranty*.

*See your local dealer or retailer for complete warranty details.