Choosing the Right Mower

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choosing the right mower

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For more than 150 years, human and animal-powered machines have given way to compact equipment powered by internal combustion engines of all sizes and configurations.  Even as caring for yards and gardens becomes more mechanized, homeowners still have a basic choice: power and speed—or muscle and patience—with lots of options in between.  A homeowner necessity, lawn mowers today range from manual reel push mowers to technologically sophisticated zero-turn-radius mowers.

Speed versus Utility

Power and speed come at a price.  At the high end, you can spend $12,000 or more; at the low end, less than $150.  Most homeowners find they can satisfy their needs with an investment of $300 to $2,500.  You can click to find more information on Garden Tractors, Lawn TractorsRiding Mowers, Zero-Turn-Radius MowersWalk-Behind MowersSelf-Propelled Mowers, and Reel (Push) Mowers.