Pre-Season Lawn Mower Prep

Pre-Season Lawn Mower Prep

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After your lawn mower has been stored all winter, you should take your machine to your local Toro dealer for any needed maintenance or repairs before using it during the upcoming season.

If you like to perform your own maintenance or product repair, it is essential that you review your product’s operator manual before beginning.

Here is a list of steps to follow for checking over your mower:

  • Carefully check the blades for sharpness
  • Make sure the cutting deck is clear of clippings
  • Check pull cords to ensure they are not frayed and are in good working condition
  • Check that the attachments are connected and working properly
  • Review the starting procedures outlined in the Operator’s Manual including proper operation of your mower such as an oil change, air filter maintenance and fresh gasoline.

You can also visit for videos tips and guidance on mower maintenance.

For all your mower needs, visit your local Toro dealer, or shop online at, where you can find maintenance kits which include oil, an oil filter, an air filter and fuel stabilizer. You can also find individual bottles of Toro Fuel Stabilizer.

What if My Machine Won’t Start?

  • Do you have fresh fuel (less than 30 days old)? For more information on fuel visit:
  • Is your spark plug wire attached to the spark plug?
  • Is the spark plug wire clean and in good condition?
  • Is the battery fully charged (if applicable)?

If you continue to experience difficulties contact your Authorized Service Dealer for further assistance.