Zero Turn Mower Safety Tips

Zero Turn Mower Safety Tips

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Like all lawn mowers, zero turn mowers require care to prevent accidents when mowing around water, drop-offs, steep inclines, and wet conditions.  Prepare for the mowing season by remembering these helpful safety tips:

1. Read the Operator’s Manual Before Operation.

Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. The manual provides important maintenance and safety information.

2. Avoid Operating a Mower While Others are Present

Do not operate the mower when people, especially children, and animals, are in the area.

3. Allow Plenty of Safe Clearance

Allow plenty of safe clearance in the vicinity of drop-offs like retaining walls, culverts, and ditches.

4. Avoid Mowing on Unstable Ground and Slopes

Do not mow on unstable ground or slopes greater than 15 degrees.

5. Be Alert and Cautious When Turning

Be alert and use caution when making turns — keep movements deliberate and steady.

6. Ensure Safety Devices are in Working Order

Make certain safety devices are working properly, and never bypass or remove any safety equipment.

7. Understand the Importance of the ROPS Bar

Be aware of the importance of keeping the rollover protection system — or ROPS — bar (if equipped) in the fully raised position, and remember to wear the seatbelt.  An operator is not protected by a ROPS bar that is not fully raised.