Not All Weeds are Bad

White Clover - not all weeds are bad

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Weeds are survivors designed to live in conditions that do not favor most other plants.  However, a “weed” is not always bad.  White clover, once considered a fashionable lawn plant, was re-classified as a weed because it did not look like grass.  White clover is pleasant to look at; it increases the nitrogen content of soils and helps to break up compaction.

Today, as homeowners reconsider their definition of lawn weeds, clover is slowly regaining its status as a desirable lawn plant.  Perhaps the best definition of a weed is simply a plant that is out of place.  If you like the look of clover, then go for it!  However, there are still weeds that must go—whether because they are too noticeable, overly aggressive, or a health hazard.