Fuel Tips for Gasoline Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers

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Wondering what type of gasoline to put in your lawn mower or snow blower? Or are you having trouble starting your mower? A Toro lawn mower maintenance expert explains what kind of gasoline to use and provides other lawn mower fuel tips, highlighted below, in Toro’s Mower Minute: Fuel Facts.
– Most lawn mowers and snow blowers use ethanol-gasoline blends up to E10 (10% ethanol). Read the Engine Operator’s manual and Equipment Operator’s manual for details.
– Engine damage and machine performance can occur if using gasoline more than 10% ethanol, such as E10 or E15.
– Fresh fuel can improve lawn mower performance.
– Fuel stabilizers can be added to gas to help prevent water absorption.
For more information about common lawn mower engine problems and preventative maintenance tips to reduce the chance of fuel system issues please visit our Fuel Facts page.